The Ultimate Management Tool

Ever wonder how I keep track of all of my gamefowl breeding information? In the past, I have relied on logbooks for that. It did the job, but after you've logged years and years worth of data and your books pile up, retrieving information becomes a difficult task. Nowadays, I use ZooEasy Breeding Software. It's really easy to use and it made my gamefowl breeding management a breeze ...for almost a decade now.

zooeasy-top-1How do I use ZooEasy? Watch this video.

To know more about ZooEasy, visit their website and download a ZooEasy Demo version.


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KIF 5846
Fruit bearing Young Durian tree at BM Bulalayaw Gamefarm. One of 30 Durian trees planted in between teepees to serve as shade at cord area.

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